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Debbie Ford can address a  wide variety of topics dealing with personal growth and transformation. We will provide suggested questions specific to your topic of choice, in addition to the ones available here.

Suggested interview questions for Debbie Ford: 

1. What exactly is the Shadow? Can you give examples of people in the news who have or have not integrated their Shadow side?


2.  Is this resistance to our dark side a universal syndrome, or is it more prevalent in Western culture?


3.  How does your Shadow Process relate to twelve-step programs for addictions? Are the two approaches complementary or conflicting?


4. What is “dis-identification?” Does it distance us from our emotions? How can we use it?


5. If everyone embraces their dark side, won’t we just end up with a world of angry, rude people?


6. Do children have a Shadow? And if so, how could we help our children to accept their Shadow?


7. Can people really experience deep, lasting transformation in a workshop or through a book or on a website? Doesn’t it take years of psychotherapy for most people to really change?


8. You’ve developed something called “the right questions.” What are these questions, and how do they work in everyday life?


9. You’ve said that we live in a fear-based society.  What do you mean by that, and what can we do about it?


10. In your work, you talk about prayer, meditation, and our "divinity." Does a person need to be religious to get into what you offer?


Media contact: Michelle Tennant, 828-749-3200, michelle@tennant.org.

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