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Soon to be featured as the divorce expert and life coach on ABC's Ex-Wives' Club, Debbie Ford has also been a repeat guest on Oprah, Good Morning America, and numerous national TV and radio shows. Articulate and witty, Debbie can speak to many topics. We can develop stories specific to your outlet, along with the suggestions below. 

If you have a request, please Contact Us.

The Dark Roots of Addiction: Unearth the root cause of addictions and discover how to transform this root cause into a powerful force for good.


Spiritual Divorce: It’s not just about divorce but any “leaving” or loss in life. How to transform these painful situations into life-enhancing experiences.


Good Girls Don’t Get Angry: The myths we are taught about dealing with our Shadow side. How to identify these myths and break through them.


Confronting Our Inner Evil – and Our Inner Jerk! How to face and embrace our Shadow side and the extraordinary gifts our “bad” side has to offer us.


The Dark Side of The Secret: Why positive thinking and affirmations alone cannot bring deep, lasting personal transformation.


It’s All About Me: The ugly aspects we see in others are actually parts of our own inner self. How to end our internal wars to make peace in the outer world.


If you would like to interview Debbie, contact Michelle Tennant at 828-749-3200 or michelle@tennant.org.

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