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This week’s issue dated May 28, 2007


In the "What's On This Week" section, Tom Gliatto gives the Ex-Wives Club three out of four stars!


Glowing with emotional affirmation and presumably keeping a team of stylists just out of camera range, the three beautiful ladies running this reality show – Marla Maples, Angie Everhart and Shar Jackson – seem to envision the project as a cross between Charlie’s Angels and Touched by an Angel. Whatever. The show is enjoyably insane. In the premiere hour, the trio counsel and inspire two profoundly unhappy divorced people, a woman and a man. The stars serve up useful tips culled from their own experiences as celebrity exes (although Jackson, an actress best-known as Kevin Federline’s former girlfriend, has never been married, and Everhart is probably more famous as Sly Stallone’s ex-fiancée than as the ex-wife of Ashley Hamilton). Maples, recalling the years she spent married to wheeler-dealer Donald Trump, helps the guy develop some business contacts. The mentees also get makeovers, and both attend some sort of anger-releasing workshop run by Debbie Ford. She’s a terrifyingly dynamic life coach who could coax a storm cloud into purging itself of unhealthy tendencies toward lightening and thunder. I look forward to week 2. 

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